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Inside this book:

  1. Vital information for both beginners and “old timers” who want to keep up
    with the research supporting dietary interventions

  2. The principles behind the different types of diets and related treatments

  3. Important information about nutrition, bowel health, digestive enzymes, and gastrointestinal yeast and bacteria

  4. How to get everyone on board: family, school, community...and even your child

  5. A user-friendly, alphabetized, “encyclopedia style” format

  6. Meal suggestions, food lists, and loads of ideas that will make special diets work for your family!


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For decades, parents have reported that changing a child's diet can make a profound impact on physical and behavioral disorders. Now, in study after study, science is taking dietary interventions for autism disorders from the realm of anecdotal evidence into the medical mainstream.

Lisa Lewis and Karyn Seroussi, well-known authors and diet experts, spent over a decade compiling information about biomedical interventions for autism. The result is the most comprehensive and user-friendly autism-diet guidebook on the market today.


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About the Authors:

Karyn Seroussi is the author of Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD, the story of her son’s autism recovery through dietary and other biomedical interventions.

The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions

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"Dietary interventions are crucial to allowing the GI tract to rest and the body to heal from the effects of chronic inflammation. They are the crux of the biomedical fulcrum in the treatment of autism. For some of my patients, these treatments have resulted in a complete remission of symptoms.

This book succeeds by helping families find their way beyond the confusing technical terminology and shrouded dietary dogma. There is not just one diet to help all children with autism, but there is now one resource help their parents make wise and informed decisions: the Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions."

-Andrew Levinson, MD,
Defeat Autism Now Practitioner


Lisa S. Lewis, Ph.D. is the author of Special Diets For Special Kids I & II, the foremost books on gluten and casein-free diets for children with disabilities.

“One of the most successful treatments
for individuals with autism disorders has been dietary intervention.

This is a book I will be recommending to all of my patients.”

-Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet, MD, Director, International Child Development Resource Center

“I recommend this book to all of our families looking for nutritional help. This is a reference tool that will save caregivers countless hours of research. As usual, the Seroussi/Lewis team makes it easy.”

-Lisa Ackerman, Director, Talk About Curing Autism

A wonderful, essential addition to the library of any caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum. I am pleased to finally have a single resource that describes the many different types of dietary interventions that should be considered for these patients, in an easy to use format.”

-David Berger, MD,
Defeat Autism Now Practitioner

“A valuable reference to keep on hand while learning about biomedical approaches to autism. Karyn and Lisa's vast experience with dietary interventions is evidenced by the comprehensive information they've compiled.”

-Julie Matthews

Certified Nutrition Consultant

Author, Nourishing Hope for Autism

“An excellent and comprehensive source of critical information for all parents and caregivers of children with autistic spectrum or attention deficit disorders.”

-William Shaw, Ph.D.

Author, Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD

“This book is a godsend for those of us who thought we didn’t have the time or energy to understand special diets.”

-Kathrine Ebbesen Roer,
autism advocate and mom

This valuable resource covers all aspects of dietary interventions, and is organized alphabetically for easy use. Topics are covered in varying depth, including lists of restricted foods, and detailed but easy-to-understand information about medical issues. Readers will benefit greatly from the authors' years of experience, and from their extensive research into the medical literature.” 

-Elizabeth Mumper, MD,
Defeat Autism Now Practitioner,
CEO, Advocates for Children
Medical Director, Autism Research Institute


In 1995, Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis created an international parent network that has educated thousands about dietary and biomedical interventions for autism spectrum disorders. Thirteen years, three books, countless conferences, and over fifty thousand emails later, they decided to put it all together. The sum of their knowledge is here, in one easy-to-use reference guide.

Book Review:

Kimberly Ann Linderman, The Autism File

"Anyone looking to understand, implement or maintain dietary interventions will find this book incredibly helpful. Packed with tips, hints and strategies, The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions makes these diets easy to learn and understand with simple but thorough explanations.

In our search to treat and recover our ASD children, we, as parents, learn that dietary intervention is one of the most successful and important treatments available. The difficulty has always been trying to understand, implement and maintain the diets we choose. All of the necessary information is now available in this one comprehensive guide that is easy to read and understand.

All three of the books previously written by these two fine authors were instrumental in helping me with my son on his road to recovery. I can only imagine how valuable this book will be to someone who is just starting their journey.

The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions makes implementing dietary intervention seem like a breeze. If you feel that you do not have the time to do the research, the energy to learn the information or enough information to maintain this intervention, this resource is definitely the one for you."